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Berg Hortimotive is a Dutch company, located in “De Lier” and located in the middle of Westland, an area known for its greenhouse horticulture. The goal of Berg Hortimotive is to help companies in greenhouse horticulture worldwide with their logistics process. Customer-specific solutions are provided for all operations in and around the greenhouse.
Both the production and the engineering take place within the company so that they are able to respond exactly to the wishes of d

Benomic AGV

ifferent clients in various countries.

One of the products of Berg Hortimotive is the Benomic AGV ( Automatically Guided Vehicle) with which, among other things, maintenance is carried out in modern greenhouse horticulture. In addition, the Benomic is used for harvesting greenhouse horticulture products and greenhouse maintenance.

Berg Hortimotive wants to remain market leader and to realize that, innovation is essential if the competition is not to stay one step ahead.

Printed operatingunit

The purchase of a Cubicon Single Plus 3D printer fits within that innovation idea and now 3D printing has provedĀ  to be an excellent tool to achieve that goal according to Silvester Wetering, purchasing manager.
With the help of the Cubicon, new developments can be visualized and made tangible in the short term. In addition, 3D printing provides insight into certain things that otherwise cost a lot of time and money.


In the meantime, a lot has already been printed with the Cubicon to the satisfaction of Jeroen Gerritse, an engineer working at the R & D department and responsible for many 3D designs.

Jeroen Gerritse / R&D

The Cubicon has become a very valuable tool within Berg Hortimotive to be able to manufacture realistic products within a short period of time, in which complex constructions can also be realized.

In short, the first experiences in the field of 3D printing have been very successful, thanks to the problem-free Cubicon Single Plus printer!












Posted on

3 May 2018

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