Van Straaten

Van Straaten

June 2017

Konstruktiebedrijf van Straaten was founded in 1991 and has been widely used from the starton construction work, repair and maintenance.

Over the years, the machinery has been regularly expanded and modernized.

In mid-2016 Jasper van Straaten and his father Luc van Straaten decided that in order to stay ahead of the technical developments, a 3D printer had to be installed and it was decided to purchase a Cubicon Single.

Not only is the Cubicon used to full satisfaction in the making of functional components and thus various 3D printed caps, caps, gears and molds have found their way within Van Straaten, but it has also started offering 3D printing service activities for third parties.

According to Jasper van Straaten, people are very enthusiastic about the quality of the printed parts and the ease of use of the printer and the software is praised.

Careful consideration is already being given to extension with a 2nd printer





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26 December 2017

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