Filament 600gr TPU Blue

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Product : TPU Filament (for FFF-type 3D printer)
Volume : 600g
Material : Thermoplastic Poly Urethane.
Nozzle temperature : 220~240C
Recommended Bed temperature : 65C
* Users can adjust the temperature and speed properly according to the print environment / the print
Filament diameter : 1.75mm (tolerance +-0.05mm)

Direction for use
– The TPU filament should be used with flexible extruder.
– It features Non-toxic (formaldehyde 0%), flexible and excellent texture. Besides, it has the great
durable and resilient characteristics.
– Due to the elongation, the tangle may be occurred. Warping or “Hairy” prints may be generated during
the print.
– Frequently Clean the nozzle to prevent the carbonization inside of the nozzle.

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