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Industry F340 is a new 3DGence product. Heated chamber and HT module allow users to print with production grade materials like PEEK .Interchangeable modules provide the solution for clients that do not know yet which materials will prove useful for them.

Characteristics :

  • More reliable printing and more materials available thanks to direct drive extruder system
  • Interchangeable module that allow user to choose the module he need
  • High temperature module capable of printing PEEK and other materials up to 500°C
  • Heated build chamber
  • Full control over material status. Heated material chamber and weight control system takes care of everything
  • Automatic material loader
  • Autocalibration system adjust everything without user help
  • Durable ceramic heatbed
  • Odour free and safe operations because of air filtration system
  • End of filament sensor.


  • Technology: FDM
  • Module PRO :ABS,ASA,PA,PET, PLA,HIPS, ESM-10 (soluble)
  • Module HF: ABS, ASA, PA-CF, PA-GF, HIPS,ESM-10 (soluble)
  • Module HT: PC, PC-ABS, PC-ESD, PC-CF
  • Module HT Max: PEEK, dedicated breakaway support material
  • Building volume: 260 x 300 x 340 mm
  • Layer thickness: 50 ~ 300 μm
  • Power Supply: 240V AC ~ 11A 50 / 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 945 x 748 x 950 mm
  • Weight: 140 Kg

NEW FLEXIBLE MATERIAL Flexfill 98A with Shore 98A hardness is a new flexible filament that can be used with this industrial 3D printer. Unique is that this filament can also be printed with the aid of the soluble support material ESM-10. Flexfill 98A is suitable for the PRO module that can also be printed in ABS, ASA, PET, PLA and HIPS

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