3DG-ESM-10 Support Material Natural 0,75kg

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Support Material 3DGence ESM-10 

3DGence ESM-10 is a water-soluble support material used in 3D printing, dedicated to professional applications. This material is characterized by high chemical compatibility and adhesion to PEEK, PEKK, PC, ABS and FlexFill 98A.


ESM-10 is an excellent support material for 3D models with complex geometries where it is impossible or difficult to mechanically remove supports . Also, its features enable the support structure to be stable when working in a heated chamber, where the inner temperature may be higher than 80°C.


After printing, wait until the device cools down, and then remove the model from the heatbed.

For the automatization of the dissolving process, we recommend the use of a dedicated cleaning stations 3DGence SDS circulation tank, where ESM-10 can be automatically dissolve.

Dedicated chemical solvent should be poured into the circulation tank VXL Solve, which will dissolve the ESM-10 without damaging the model material.







  • Product code: MAKV-0000-0230-0000
  • Module:
    • PRO
    • HT MAX
    • HF
    • M280
    • M360
    • M500
  • Material: ESM-10
  • Colour: Natural
  • Weight: 0.75 kg
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • EAN: 5908216294259
  • 3DGence Certified Material Base: Yes
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Extra informatie

Gewicht1,250 kg
Afmetingen23,5 × 22,5 × 8 cm

1,75 mm

Gewicht (Netto)

750 gr.

Materiaal 3Dgence


Print Module

HT, HTmax, PRO

Kleuren 3DGence