children of the Nieuwe Wisselse school, group 7 and 8, are often full of creative ideas, curious about everything that happens around them. They also know a lot about technology. Drawing and designing in Google Sketchup is easy for them. They even searched for new files online.

In addition, the children are also investigating the possibilities via YouTube videos, Pinterest and various websites. They are very enthusiastic and motivated.

Miss Vera Bartelds indicates that with the aid of the 3D printer the children work better together and are looking for a solution together. She would also like to involve children from group 5 & 6.

The 3D-Bag is a complete educational 3D-printer set including Laptop and all learning materials. By acquainting students in the lessons with the 3D-Tas, they understand faster how a 3D printer functions and how you can apply it.

With a 3D bag, children can get started. The accompanying materials, parts and tools are easy to use.

Learning is stimulated. Children always enjoy being involved with the new techniques and new developments. Because the 3D printing is used by the children, they can gain a lot of knowledge in various directions. This means that the 3D-Tas printer project has successfully passed this primary school.

Juffrouw Vera Bartelds van groep 7 en 8 bij haar 3D printer
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