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The Cubicon Lux Full HD is a professional DLP printer with unique design and an unrivaled ease of operation and has an extra high resolution compared to the Cubicon Lux. A DLP printer is especially suitable when a very smooth surface and / or very high detail of the product is necessary. Applications can be found within the dental environment, and in the design of jewelry, but also within a mechanical engineering environment may the properties of this DLP printer be highly desirable.


  • Suitable for various resins, including Acrylic and ABS-like
  • Full automatic calibration
  • Very high print quality
  • Built-in air filter for pleasant environment
  • High print speed
  • Very quiet operation
  • Large 4,3″ touchscreen


  • Technology: Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Building volume: 110 x 62 x 145 mm
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Layer thickness: 20 ~ 100 μm
  • Dimensions: 310 x 485 x 460 mm
  • Weight: 16 Kg

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