3DG-BVOH 1,75 Verbatim Natural White 0,5kg

 99,00 excl BTW

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Material weight: 0,5 kg
Material diameter: 1,75 mm

Water-soluble high-quality support material that can be used with many different polymers. Easily soluble in water. This environmentally friendly material is a support when printing items with overhanging and especially complex structures. The BVOH filament guarantees excellent forming and adhesion properties.


  • Supporting material for models with complex geometry in which mechanical removal of supports is impossible or difficult
  • Works with:DOUBLE P255, INDUSTRY F340
  • Module:PRO
  • Material:BVOH
  • Colour:Natural
  • Weight:0.5 kg
  • EAN:5905279487413
  • Diameter:1.75 mm
  • 3DGence Certified Material Base:Yes