The F340 is now being used in several industries 

Mechanical engineering

AMS Systems uses the F340 in its daily activities to make housings for the collection verification sensor. Pick-to-Light systems are finally mounted on production stages.

Mold making

Pure Power Sources is a company that, among other things, produces plastic molds that are ultimately used as elements of production lines. All molds used to base or inspect the products on the line are currently made with a 3D Gence printer.

Process industry

Geo Globe has used a 3DGence printer for making transport trays to safely transport sensitive products internally.

Medical industry

Emtel, a manufacturer of medical equipment, created a new patient monitor model using the F340 and thus reduced the lead time by 25 days

And in the attached article 6 other examples are mentioned in which a 3DGence F340 is used in a production environment:


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