The Quest for Change is a sailing think tank, where millennials help a motivated company to become more sustainable. Like Columbus left for new land, we’re setting sail for new solutions.

On Monday 27 August start the Clean2Antartica adventure with this SAIL-OUT.

This SAIL out is the start of this adventure. With a big bang we want to invite everyone to discover what you can do yourself to create a better world. Celebrate with us, be inspired, and strengthen this Quest for Change.

During this SAIL-OUT, the Clean2Antarctica SUV will be departing to the South Pole, this SUV is made of 3D printed parts and from waste plastic. AMR Europe has printed crucial 3D parts for it.

You can buy tickets via: 

More information about Clean2Antarctica project:

Location: Buiksloterweg Amsterdam (see below)

10:00 – 12.00 Ships can be visited at the pier
11:15  Welcome by Edwin ter Velde
11:30  Speech from old generation to the new
12:30  Ships leave the pier and form fleet
13.00  Cannon shot and departure
18:00  Sail guests back in Amsterdam

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