In extreme conditions, in unknown territory (Terra Incognita) reach the geographic South Pole on solar energy, with an all-terrain vehicle made of waste plastic. An uncomfortable voyage of discovery that claims the ingenuity of man.

That is the challenge that Clean2Antarctica is about.

Why? Because the initiators like to look up the adventure, to show how much is possible with sustainable, clean techniques. They also want to inspire people to deal with waste differently. Turn over your trash can: pure junk or … building material? A waste mountain is just a beautiful place, where valuable building blocks lie for new projects.

Why Antarctica?

Antarctica is the cleanest continent in the world. With this clean expedition attention is being asked for the Antarctic Treaty, which must be extended in 2048 so that ‘the thermostat of the world’ is also retained for future generations.

AMR Europe prints crucial parts

Clean2Antarctica (C2A) is an expedition that shows that you can experience a beautiful and sustainable adventure with clean techniques and a vehicle that is partly made of waste plastic with the aid of 3D printing techniques.

AMR Europe has been asked to help with this initiative by using its experience and expertise in the field of 3D printing. The all-terrain vehicle “Solar Voyager” is equipped with special hinges made by AMR Europe on a Markforged composite printer in one piece. These hinges are built from Onyx, a material based on nylon with carbon fibers and strengthened with Kevlar. This creates a very strong but nevertheless extremely lightweight construction that can withstand large forces and extreme temperatures. By choosing 3D printing techniques, there is virtually no residual material compared to the more traditional way of producing.


C2A wants to inspire people around the world to discover the pleasure of a more sustainable way of life. In this way the expedition wants to contribute to the transition to the circular economy, in which waste does not exist because all materials can be reused.

Start expedition

Clean2Antarctica starts in September 2018 with the journey of Tallship Morgenster. In December, the Expedition starts to the south pole with the Solar Voyager.


Follow the developments via the website: